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23 Mar 2018

Partnership between US and the EU remains to be the anchor of a changing world. Nevertheless, the approach to global economy is shifting. Donald Trump’s election as US President, UK’s decision to leave the EU and the rise of nationalism European countries increase uncertainty in transatlantic relations.

12 Feb 2018

48th Ordinary General Assembly meeting of TÜSİAD has been held on 18 January 2018, in Istanbul.

10 Jan 2018

The 4th Turkey Europe Future Forum will take place from July 1st to July 8th 2018 in Paris and Berlin. The application deadline is February 18th, 2018.

14 Dec 2017

TÜSİAD Vice-President Simone Kaslowski draw attention to the benefits of modernizing the EU-Turkey Customs Union, which, in its current form, does not meet the requirements of the global economy and trade dynamics.

08 Dec 2017

Global Business Coalition issues statement ahead of the MC11 in Argentina.

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