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TÜSİAD Charter

Name and Location of Association

Article 1 -The Association's name is “TURKISH INDUSTRY & BUSINESS ASSOCIATION”. It is located in Istanbul and has no branch office

Aim of the Associaton

Article 2 - TÜSİAD aims to contribute to the formation and development of a social order wherein the institutions and rules of the universal principles of human rights, freedom of thought, belief and enterprise, a secular state of law, understanding of participatory democracy, liberal economy, competitive market economy as well as a sustainable environmental balance is adopted. TÜSİAD holds activities; in line with the targets and principles foreseen by Atatürk, in the understanding of Turkey catching and surpassing the modern civilisation level and according to the belief that the business people taking into consideration the equality between women and men in terms of politics, economy and education are the pioneer and entrepreneur group of the society, with the aim of fulfilling the main objective stated above. TÜSİAD, as the representative organisation of the Turkish business world working for public interest, makes an effort for the entrepreneurs to operate in accordance with the principles of universal business ethics and takes as its basis the advancement of the Turkish competitive power and social welfare, of employment, productivity, innovative capacity and the scope and quality of education through constant enhancement.. TÜSİAD contributes to the formation of national economic policies by making the best use of regional and sectoral potentials in the economic and social development of our country in an environment of social peace and conciliation. It contributes to Turkey’s promotion on a global scale and holds activities for the cultivation of international political, economic, social and cultural relations, communication, representation and cooperation networks in order to support Turkey’s European Union membership. It holds research, forms opinions, develops projects and organises activities to accelerate international integration and interaction, regional and local development. TÜSİAD aims to establish a unity of thought and action along the lines of the objectives stated above by communicating, on behalf of the Turkish business world, the opinions and recommendations formed within this framework to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the government, other states, international bodies and the public opinion either directly or indirectly via the media or other instruments.

Fields of Activity

Article 3 - The Association engages in activities, in the following areas toward its goals of: 1) Achieving development in stability and social consensus;

1. to assure stable growth in Turkey in accordance with the principles of an integrated world market economy; b) to realize social consensus based on the conviction that enterprise, capital and labor are complementary factors; . c) to create a consensus with respect to objectives and policies within the business community on matters such as employment, education, social security and the regulation of working conditions.

2. Attaining a strong competitive position by: a) encouraging technological development, in order to secure maximum efficiency in the utilization of human and natural resources; and thus to increase productivity in the industrial and service sectors which are essential for Turkey's competitiveness; b) encouraging decision makers to establish policies to promote efforts in this direction.

Achieving international integration by:a) supporting policies to promote exports to accelerate the integration into world markets and perpetuating balanced and rapid socio-economic growth;

4. opening representation offices in leading foreign markets and trading blocks to introduct the business community to the international arena and strengthening its relations; c) communicating opinions and proposals of the business community through contact with relevant institutions in Turkey and abroad in the context of Turkey's potential membership in the European Union; d) undertaking programs of communication, representation, coordination and information to inform the public.

5. Communicating opinions and proposals to decision makers by:a) facilitating contact between Turkish industrialists and business persons and decision makers on various subjects; b) using radio, television, newspapers, journals, books,. brochures and other publications to communicate the Association's purposes, activities and opinions on economic and social issues to the public and other concerned parties, and organizing meetings, seminars, conventions and conferences to this end.

6. Organizing: a) activities for the development of a contemporary social structure in conformity with the central importance the association enjoys within the business community; b) strategic communication and cooperation and establishing federations or confederations with associations of likeminded industrialists and business persons to strengthen its activities; c) direct cooperation between Turkish and foreign private and public institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, stock exchanges, professional organizations, foundations, associations, unions and the like; d) research on economic and social issues of national importance and establishing a basis to formulate perspectives and propose solutions to the country's domestic and foreign problems. e) In connection with activities associated with the above, the Association may, pursuant to a decision by the Board of Directors, exercise rights with respect to real property such as acquiring arid owning or leasing property and may establish, cancel and remove any mortgage, servitudes, purchase options and charges and the like, and may cancel or annul rights such as rents.

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