TÜSİAD Ankara Representative Office

The Representative Office keeps track of the legislative and executive process on behalf of TÜSİAD in the context of a participatory democracy and with a view to reinforce Turkey's EU membership perspective.

The TÜSİAD Ankara Representative Office assists in TÜSİAD’s effective and timely participation in the policymaking processes according to TÜSİAD’s charter, objectives and principles.

The Representative Office, in order to secure TÜSİAD’s contribution to the economic, social and political decision-making processes, represents TÜSİAD in Ankara vis à vis the government, parliament, private and public sector entities and institutions, civil society organizations, international missions and individuals.

The Representative Office provides up-to-date information to TÜSİAD’s members and professionals by preparing regular publications on the legislative process, Ankara’s agenda, the EU accession and harmonization process, and macroeconomic adjustment programs.

The main duties of the TÜSİAD Ankara Representative Office are:

  • Corporate representation of TÜSİAD in Ankara at various activities,
  • Contributing to the decision-making process through political and legislative consultation,
  • Arranging relations with public bodies and institutions, particularly with the Parliament and the Cabinet,
  • Institutional representation of TÜSİAD in Ankara at various activities,
  • Providing timely briefs and presentations for related TÜSİAD organs regarding developments within the legislative and administrative process on a need to know basis.
  • Ü. Barış Urhan: Ankara Representative
  • Beyzanur Gençer: Government Relations Specialist
  • Osman Nazlı: Administrative Affairs Senior Department Officer
  • R. Perihan Kaya Cömert: Executive Assistant