Representative Offices

Located in Istanbul with a representative office in the Capital Ankara, TÜSİAD promotes the voice of Turkish Business around the globe through the network of six representative offices in Brussels, Washington D.C., Paris, Berlin, London and Beijing.

The Representative Office keeps track of the legislative and executive process on behalf of TÜSİAD in the context of a participatory democracy and with a view to reinforce Turkey's EU membership perspective.

The TÜSİAD Ankara Representative Office assists in TÜSİAD’s effective and timely participation in the policymaking processes according to TÜSİAD’s charter, objectives and principles.

The Representative Office, in order to secure TÜSİAD’s contribution to the economic, social and political decision-making processes, represents TÜSİAD in Ankara vis à vis the government, parliament, private and public sector entities and institutions, civil society organizations, international missions and individuals.

The Representative Office provides up-to-date information to TÜSİAD’s members and professionals by preparing regular publications on the legislative process, Ankara’s agenda, the EU accession and harmonization process, and macroeconomic adjustment programs.

The main duties of the TÜSİAD Ankara Representative Office are:

  • Corporate representation of TÜSİAD in Ankara at various activities,
  • Contributing to the decision-making process through political and legislative consultation,
  • Arranging relations with public bodies and institutions, particularly with the Parliament and the Cabinet,
  • Institutional representation of TÜSİAD in Ankara at various activities,
  • Providing timely briefs and presentations for related TÜSİAD organs regarding developments within the legislative and administrative process on a need to know basis.

"In the wake of the 1995 EU-Turkey customs union decision, TÜSİAD established its first Representative Office in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, in order to contribute to strengthening Turkey-EU relations."

The TÜSİAD EU-Brussels Representative Office represents the Turkish business community before EU institutions. In this regard, the Representative Office maintains regular contact with the European Commission, EU member state delegations, European Parliament, European Council and other EU agencies and institutions. Another dimension of the work of the Representative Office extends to acting as the representative of TÜSİAD and TİSK (Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations) within BUSINESSEUROPE (the Confederation of European Business) and informing the Turkish private sector on the latest developments taking place at the European level.

The Representative Office is both a point of contact and information for the Turkish private sector and Turkey more generally. With a view to supporting Turkey’s accession to the EU, the Representative Office collaborates with various think tanks, civil society organizations, European public and private sector organizations and academia.

"The objective of the Representative Office is to develop and deepen Turkey-US relations in every field as well as strengthen mutual interaction."

The work of the TÜSİAD Washington, D.C. Representative Office is conducted through maintaining regular contact and cooperation with the US Congress, US administration, business circles, think tanks, the media, international organizations and Turkish-American organizations.

Closely following political and economic developments relevant to bilateral relations such as Iraq, Iran, the Middle East and Russia as well as energy issues and other US foreign policy priorities, the Representative Office also aims to inform US public opinion on developments in Turkey. In this context, the Representative Office participates in meetings organized by think tanks and the business world and conducts direct exchanges of views.

The TÜSİAD Washington, D.C. Representative Office assists in the formation of Turkey programs in conjunction with the Brookings Institute, the German Marshall Fund (GMF) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), think tanks that are influential in US policy development and formulation.

The TÜSİAD Berlin Representative Office strives to accurately inform German public opinion throughout Turkey’s EU accession negotiation process, to nurture effective pro-Turkey public opinion in Germany, to raise Turkey’s profile vis à vis the German private sector, media, political authorities and cultural circles, and to contribute to the development of Turkish-German economic, political and cultural relations.

Within this framework the Office develops contacts with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), TÜSİAD’s counterpart body in Germany, and German official institutions as well as leading civil society organizations in Germany, and conducts institutional exchanges of views.

TÜSİAD Paris Representative Office strives to provide accurate information on Turkish economic and social life to the French public throughout Turkey’s EU accession negotiation process.

In this context, a French-Turkish think tank, Institut du Bosphore, was founded in Paris in 2009. The Institute aims to deepen knowledge about Turkey’s economic, political and cultural features and arrange activities designed to support and foster dialogue, cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two societies. Institut du Bosphore organizes seminars, round-table meetings and joint activities on its own and in conjunction with other think tanks throughout the year, publishes research and holds discussions with French decision makers, high-level politicians and opinion makers. In addition to its lobbying activities, the TÜSİAD Paris Office contributes to strengthening economic relations between Turkey and France by facilitating dialogue between entrepreneurs through organizing events with private and public institutions, in particular TÜSİAD’s counterpart organization in France, the French Business Confederation (MEDEF). Moreover, the Paris Office coordinates relations between TÜSİAD and the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC).

The TÜSİAD Shanghai Network aims to follow developments in China and the Asia-Pacific region, to support the China-based Asia-Pacific activities of the Turkish private sector under the umbrella of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC), and to contribute to the development of commercial and economic relations between Turkey and China. The Office also maintains efforts to support export, investment and partnership relations of TÜSİAD members in China, brief Chinese counterparts about the Turkish economy and carry out a confidence-building role.

The United Kingdom is a country with which Turkey has a long history of constructive diplomatic, economic and cultural relations. Acknowledging these burgeoning relations, TUSIAD has established a permanent base in London.

In order to enhance bilateral relations, TUSIAD London will focus on the following areas: expanding business, commercial, financial and trade relations and building bridges between Turkish-British civil society, think tanks and academia.