A New Era For The Customs Union & Business World

This report is the output of TUSIAD project entitled “Modernisation of EU – Turkey Customs Union: A Political Economy Analysis”, which is financially supported by the British Embassy in Ankara. The report has been prepared by Istanbul Economics. The liability for the contents of the report belongs to the authors.
24 Oct 2015

Trade Efficiency Assessment

This report identifies the necessary steps, and available technology tools to improve the performance level of these 6 elements, and thereby fulfill global trade efficiency aspirations. This is the spirit of innovation the world needs, much like the spirit that enabled a simple steel box to unleash tremendous levels of efficiency and decades of global economic growth. Finally, this document is the first tangible step towards realizing the Digital Economy at no cost to the end-user, and renewing prosperity around the world.
23 Oct 2015

The Future of European Integration: A Reform Call

This study is the result of a joint initiative from three European business federations: Economiesuisse (Business Federation of Switzerland), LEWIATAN (Polish Business Confederation) and TÜSÝAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association). Each chapter of the report was written by independent authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of neither the business federations nor the other authors.
04 Dec 2014

Business Priorities for Recommendations of Turkey’s G20 Presidential Term in 2015

TÜSİAD has initiated a B20 project entitled “Business Priorities for Recommendations of Turkey’s G20 Presidential Term in 2015”. The project is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Prosperity Fund and implemented by EY Turkey. The launch of the project was held on Tuesday, 25th of November at the British Consulate-General in Istanbul. EY Turkey made a presentation of the project followed by a panel discussion on “Key Agenda Items for Business, From Australia to Turkey”.
26 Nov 2014

e-Commerce as a Focus on the Digital Market: Turkey's Place in the World, Present Status and Steps for the Future

The first part of the report reviews Internet and e-commerce from the viewpoint of the consumers, online retailers, investors and decision making authorities, investigates driving forces of the e-commerce and provides information on the widespread e-commerce models and companies operating according to these models in our countries. Furthermore, the influence of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country on the development of the e-commerce is discussed and the legislations regulating e-commerce and entrepreneurship are evaluated. (2) The reasons of the low e-commerce volume in Turkey and recommendations. The second part of the report identifies challenges, supplies examples of best practice in…
05 Jun 2014

Changing Roles & Functions of Business Organizations in the Process of Globalization

This report is a product of a team effort. Abdullah Akyuz has served as the lead author of the report. He was in charge of the overall coordination, the writing of all the general sections as well as the chapter on Turkey.
04 Apr 2014

Sabancı University-TÜSİAD Competitiveness Forum; "Structural Change and Industrial Policy in Turkey" Working Paper

This paper presents evidence on structural change in Turkey and provides an overview of the evolution of industrial policy in the last three decades. We show that Turkey has experienced substantial growth in labor productivity in the last decade and that this has been associated with substantial change in the composition of value added and employment both in the overall economy and within the manufacturing industry.
02 Aug 2013
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