Creating a North Atlantic Marketplace for Jobs and Growth

Partnership between US and the EU remains to be the anchor of a changing world. Nevertheless, the approach to global economy is shifting. Donald Trump’s election as US President, UK’s decision to leave the EU and the rise of nationalism European countries increase uncertainty in transatlantic relations.

In this context, Johns Hopkins SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies) Center for Transatlantic Relations prepared a comprehensive study and a series of policy recommendations with the support of TUSIAD, EconomieSuisse (Business Federation of Switzerland) and NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise). Close to 60 researchers, trade policy experts, business representatives and diplomats contributed to the book by Center for Transatlantic Relations (CTR) Director Dan Hamilton, entitled “Creating a North Atlantic Marketplace for Jobs and Growth”. The book focuses on these issues:

  • How should transatlantic economic relations be shaped?
  • What are the options of decision makers?
  • What are the expectations from the Trump administration regarding TTIP?
  • Where should Turkey and other European countries integrated with the EU economy be positioned in transatlantic economy?

The Brussels launch of the report took place at Bruegel think-tank in Brussels on February 19 th . Dan Hamilton, Luisa Santos, Director for International Relations at BusinessEurope and André Sapir, Senior Fellow at Bruegel were the speakers of the panel moderated by Maria Demertzis, Deputy Director at Bruegel. Please find the video of this event at: Video

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