Time for urgent action to combat climate change

24 Sep 2019 Related File
Time for urgent action to combat climate change

The effects of climate change are deepening, both on a global scale and in Turkey.

Increased awareness across society of the need to combat climate change is pushing governments and institutions to formulate new and effective policies and decisively implement the road map to address this challenge.

We believe that a road map based on a scientific basis, ensures policy coherence and comprehensiveness, includes feasible measures and involves all relevant stakeholders in society should be implemented.

Given its critical importance, we prioritize the issue of combating climate change in all our fields of work. We attach a great deal of importance to the efforts and constructive contribution of all national and international stakeholders to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement which we have espoused as one of our strategic priorities and concreate action plans consistent with the UN Climate Action Summit.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again share the TUSIAD Position Paper On Addressing Climate Change, published in 2017, which proposed the transition to a low-carbon development model and provided crucial policy recommendations for our country.

In cooperation with all stakeholders, we will continue to work resolutely to increase our efforts to combat climate change.

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