Business Message On Turkish Elections

09 Jun 2015 Related File

The Turkish people have spoken. Commenting on Sunday’s elections in Turkey, BUSINESSEUROPE underlined that European companies support a democratic, strong and open Turkey. “Together with our members TÜSIAD and TISK, we continue to support Turkey’s path towards Europe”, said Director General Markus J. Beyrer in Brussels. 

“In view of the growth of the Turkish economy, we believe that there is mutual interest of having a strong European partner on the intersection between Europe and Asia. Both parties benefit mutually if we work together constructively”, said Beyrer. 

The recent announcement to modernise the EU-Turkey Customs Union is a further step on the road to possible membership and helping the country to benefit in the future from important trade agreements the EU is currently negotiating, such as TTIP. 

“The geo-strategic position of Turkey should never be underestimated and is also of interest to European companies”, Beyrer added.

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