Berlin Bosphorus Initiative 1st Istanbul Conference

03 Jun 2022
Berlin Bosphorus Initiative 1st Istanbul Conference

Berlin Bosphorus Initiative organized its inaugural Istanbul Conference entitled “Turkey and Germany in a Changing World” on 3 June, in Turkish – German University Istanbul to strengthen a genuine dialogue and communication as well as sustainable ties between our societies.

The Conference was a key international event taking place in Istanbul to debate bilateral relations as well as to promote insightful analysis on key issues concerning Germany Turkey and the European Union in view of identifying strategic takeaways for a common future.

Turkey and Germany in a Changing World

While Europe is undergoing a major transformation, it remains imperative to discuss more inclusive, reflective and agile tools. We need to successfully navigate in a world that is constantly evolving towards a new geopolitical paradigm in the post-Trump and the post-Merkel era and the post-Brexit Europe that exhibits the convergence of transatlantic and European security agendas vis-à-vis Russia. The inaugural flagship event of Berlin Bosphorus Initiative (BBI) aims to bring BBI Board members, experts and professionals from Turkey, Germany and wider Europe together, for addressing some major dimensions of the bilateral cooperation, as well as discussing the relevant challenges and opportunities the two countries are facing within the transatlantic and the European context.


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