Aysu Yavuz

She was born in Ankara. She completed her primary and secondary educationin Ankara. Although she graduated from the Economics department of AnadoluUniversity, her career in the business world began at a young age. In theconstruction sector, where she entered through the sales and project planningof facade glass and glass block materials, she received training in the UnitedStates on this subject. She founded Pimeks Construction Materials Ltd. in linewith her decision to continue in the construction sector as an employer,becoming the founder partner of Pimeks Group companies, which have a brandvalue in the sector with various systems and applications such as aluminumfacade systems, steel, stainless steel, and similar.

The Factory and Headquarters of Pimeks Group, one of the leading implementers of aluminum facade systems and aluminum, PVC, and steel door- window systems in Europe, are located in Ankara, with other offices in Istanbul, Frankfurt, and London. The subsidiary brands of the Group companies are Justeel Stainless Steel Systems, Sophora Sun Shading Systems, and Xception Doors villa entrance door brands.

In addition to being an industrialist doing business in different geographies of the world, Yavuz, who believes in the importance of non-governmental organizations, is a member of TÜSİAD Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association and the president of ANGİKAD Entrepreneur Business Women's Association for the 2018-2021 period.

Aysu Yavuz, who is married to Haluk Tümer Yavuz, her partner in both business and life, is the mother of 2 daughters.