Orhan Turan

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ODE Insulation, which is Türkiye’s biggest insulation firm with 100 percent local capital, Orhan Turan graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Yıldız Technical University in 1981.

Orhan Turan completed his MBA at Marmara University and has put great emphasis on participating in non-governmental organizations throughout his business life. Accordingly, he played an active role in the foundation of the Association of Heat, Sound and Fire Insulation Investors (IZODER). Turan served as the Board Chairman of IZODER in 1997-1999, and of the Association of Construction Material Producers (IMSAD) for two terms from 2007 to 2011.Turan has played active roles in several NGOs, serving as the Head of Supervisory Board at the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD) in 2017-2019. Turan served as the Chairman of the Board of Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) 2018-2022. Since March 2022, he has been the President of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD).

Having actively engaged in the NGOs for 30 years, Turan has delivered graduate classes in Sabancı University, Koç University, Marmara University and Yıldız Technical University.

In 2008, Orhan Turan was recognized as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Entrepreneur of the Year competition held jointly by Milliyet daily and Ernst & Young and represented Türkiye at the “Entrepreneur of the Year in the World” competition in Monte Carlo.

Turan is married, has one child and speaks English fluently.